2021 Wedding Film Highlights Reel

What a year 2021 was! There was so much uncertainly at the start of the year with weddings still restricted and people postponing their weddings until 2022 with the hope of the full-size wedding they had planned.

Some couples decided to go ahead and get married in 2021 even with restrictions. Dancing was finally allowed in mid-July with fewer and fewer restrictions as the year went on. 2021 was a much quieter year than expected, but even so, we filmed some fantastic weddings for some amazing people. We are very lucky to have such fabulous customers and we can’t wait to start filming weddings in 2022!  

Below is our 2021 wedding highlights video, it’s a 3-minute video capturing some of the best moments during 2021. It was so hard to pick the best bits because there were so many!

GeeK Video 2021 Wedding Highlights Reel

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