5 reasons why you need to hire a videographer for your wedding

Sharing your wedding memories

Hiring a wedding videographer means that you are able to share your wedding video with your friends and family. This is especially important if friends and family weren’t able to attend your wedding due to travel restrictions during COVID-19 times, or illness.

Your wedding behind the scenes

There are many moments throughout your wedding day that the bride and groom don’t see. Some of these moments include the Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids and the same for the groom, the reaction of the groom when the bride walks down the aisle, plus more precious moments! Your wedding day will fly by so the wedding video gives you the chance to re-live all these moments, even ones you missed on the day.

Wedding videography – a worthwhile investment

Weddings can cost a fortune, even a smaller wedding. You will spend so much money on the finer details of your wedding, the decorations, the sweet carts, fresh flowers, the food, and everything in-between. Hiring a wedding videographer means you capture all of this on film to look back on and enjoy.

Sound and sight of your wedding

Of course, I’m biased, because I’m a videographer,  but the emotional power of video is so much stronger than an image alone! Geek Video wedding videography packages all include full ceremony and speeches, including those funny moments no one was expecting. With high-definition video and sound, it’s almost like you are there watching the whole experience from the comfort of your sofa.

Create lasting memories

Like your wedding photos, your wedding video is timeless.  You have it to watch over and over as you please. Some couples play it on their anniversary while having a candlelit dinner to celebrate their love together. Your wedding video is something you will be able to show your children and your grandchildren. You will cherish your wedding video and the amazing memories you made for many years. 

GeeK Video still has lots of availability for 2022 weddings within the East midlands. Secure your date by emailing us at hello@geekvideo.co.uk.

Videographer Michael capturing the finer details

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