Why you should consider having a micro wedding in 2021

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is a downsized wedding, potentially due to rules and restrictions, which have been created because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is a micro wedding package?

Many wedding suppliers have created packages that are catered to micro weddings. Generally, this will mean providing a smaller service to normal. For GeeK Video, this means a wedding videography package created for a small wedding. One which maybe won’t be having a wedding reception.

Why are people having micro weddings?

Couples may have to choose to either go ahead with a micro wedding or postpone their wedding due to new rules and restrictions on weddings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many couples don’t want to wait to get married so have opted for a micro wedding where their guest numbers and activities may be limited, for example, eating drinking and dancing. 

What are the benefits of having a micro wedding?

Here are 5 benefits of having a micro wedding:

  1. Saving money! Fewer people = less money on food and drinks.  Suppliers should also be able to help you save money by providing a micro wedding service.
  2. Less stress. Fewer guests and activities to organise = less stress for the happy couple.
  3. Feeling more comfortable on your wedding day. Let’s face it, some people on your wedding guest list you only see once a year, some of the people you don’t even like! So a micro wedding is a chance for you to invite only the small number of very close family and friends you actually WANT to be there.
  4. Not having to re-arrange with suppliers/venues. If you have already booked a venue and suppliers and you decide to postpone, some suppliers will likely be booked up for the next year. People organise weddings years in advance, so getting a good day when your venue and suppliers are available the next year is going to be really tricky. Why not stick with your original date and venue and hold a micro wedding instead?
  5. You still get to celebrate your love for one another! The most important thing and the reason why we decided to get married is to affirm our love for one another. Your legal ceremony can commence with as little as two witnesses.

If you are having a micro wedding within the Midlands and are looking for someone to create a beautiful wedding video for you and your guests, GeeK Video has created a ‘small but perfectly formed’ wedding videography package.

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